Do i need this?

The most important parts of your entertainment are already included in the base packages we provide. A high energy DJ with a great personality and ability to read a crowd, a crystal clear, ear pleasing, top of the line sound system, and guest interaction. You can have an amazing event with everything provided already. But if you want to add that extra eye candy to really make your party stand out, check out some of our amazing Event Enhancements



Completely transform any room with the elegant and beautiful look of up-lighting! Our lights are wireless and small, leaving no unsightly wires and staying completely out of the way. This is a wonderful and inexpensive effect.


Monogram Light

Give your Wedding or Corporate event complete customization with Monogram Lighting! Your names, initials, or a company logo, the possibilities are endless! We will meet and go over all of your options and come up with a completely custom and personalized design that will make your event POP!



This amazing effect gives the look of dancing in the clouds. Everything around you seems to disappear, leaving just the two of you feeling weightless in the moment. It also makes for amazing photos!!!


Upgraded Dance Floor Lighting

Our Standard Dance Floor Lighting is pretty great, but our upgraded lighting completely changes the look and feel of the party! During the formal portions of the night the lights are great for ambiance, and then of course when the dancing begins, our amazing lighting engineer will expertly control the lighting, giving it an upbeat nightclub feel!



This is a great and affordable effect that is meant to highlight certain aspects of your decor. Mostly used to highlight cakes or centerpieces, you spent hours and a lot of money on those things, why not illuminate them!


Save when you bundle 2 or more enhancements